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Original Puffy Bears - Last Call

Original Puffy Bears - Last Call

Last call! These Original Puffy Bears are ready to be discontinued so we are extending a discount to you! Sometimes our inventory gets a little too puffed up or is under puffed to our standards. These bags may be slightly crushed or powdered but are still intact and tasty as ever! Get them before they are gone!

Freeze dried gummy bears are a fun treat for all candy lovers! Chewy gummies take on a cloud like crunchy bite when freeze dried and burst with intense fruit flavors while they melt in your mouth! Taste some today!


Puffy Bears are sold in 2 sizes:

Small bag - $4

Large bag - $8

Check out our other freeze dried options for more candy fun!

    $4.00 Regular Price
    $3.00Sale Price
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